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Smart Game headsets wire controle HD mic stereo depth noise reduction antijam professional E-sport headphones LED Luminescence

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The new earphone can not be fully powered at once. Do not turn the volume up to the maximum, otherwise it will easily damage the earphone. Do you want to know the correct way to turn on the earphone?
1. Use the volume of 1/3 of normal listening intensity to drive earphones 12 hours to 24 hours.
2. Use the volume of 2/3 of the normal listening intensity to drive the earphone 12 hours.
3, use normal listening intensity to drive headphones for 72 hours.
4. Use the volume of 3/4 of the normal listening intensity to drive the earphone 24 hours.
5, enter the normal use stage
6, when the normal use of the volume is not too big, at the highest volume of 2/3 can be.
7. Take your headphones off when you go to bed to avoid damaging your headphones.
8, the above are some suggestions of praise. You can praise your love machine according to your needs.
Special note:
1, please use earphone at proper volume, so as not to damage hearing.
2, please do not pull the earphone hard to avoid breakage.
3, please use the earphone "L" correctly, to the left, and "R" to the right.


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